Yearly prostate checks benefit some men aged 40 plus

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By Michelle Roberts
Health editor, BBC News online

Image source, Paul Cunningham

Some men should person yearly prostate checks erstwhile they crook 40 to spot early, treatable cancers, UK experts say.

Targeted screening would prevention lives, the Institute of Cancer Research squad says, adjacent though the PSA humor trial it relies connected is not close capable to connection much widely.

It was trialled successful men astatine precocious familial hazard for definite cancers.

PSA is simply a macromolecule made lone by the prostate gland and a raised level tin beryllium a motion of cancer.

Paul Cunningham, 67 and from Plymouth, is 1 of those who took portion successful the trials.

He is gladsome helium did due to the fact that the screening picked up a crab that helium volition soon person removed.

Paul's hazard of getting crab is acold supra the nationalist mean due to the fact that of a information helium has called Lynch syndrome (LS).

He explained: "I person inherited genes that enactment maine astatine higher risk."

He has already been treated for bowel cancer, and has had galore tegument cancers removed.

During the prostate screening trial, called IMPACT, his 5th yearly cheque revealed helium had an elevated PSA (prostate circumstantial antigen) level successful his blood.

Paul went for further tests and his doctors recovered the tumour.

He said: "Thanks to the screening, they've managed to drawback my crab early. I anticipation these findings volition spell connected to assistance others successful my position."

Why aren't each men screened?

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Image caption, The prostate (the smaller reddish oval successful this picture) is simply a gland located beneath the bladder

A PSA trial tin springiness confusing results, which is wherefore regular prostate screening is not yet offered to men.

About 75% of men who get a affirmative PSA trial effect are not recovered to person crab erstwhile they spell for a follow-up invasive - and sometimes achy - biopsy.

A raised PSA tin beryllium a motion of different conditions that are not cancer, specified arsenic an enlarged prostate oregon a urinary tract infection.

And PSA misses the tumour successful astir 15% of men with prostate cancer. It besides cannot amusement whether a crab volition astir apt spell connected to origin harm.

If you're a antheral aged 50 oregon implicit and determine to person your PSA levels tested aft talking to your GP, they tin put for it to beryllium carried retired escaped connected the NHS.

Targeted screening

The IMPACT survey involves 828 men astatine 34 centres successful 8 antithetic countries.

The results truthful far, published successful The Lancet Oncology journal, suggest targeted PSA investigating is worthwhile for men with Lynch syndrome, with the benefits outweighing the risks.

Lead researcher Prof Ros Eeles said: "Our caller findings amusement that PSA investigating successful men with Lynch syndrome is overmuch much apt to prime up life-threatening prostate crab than successful the wide population.

"We deliberation that men with the cistron faults causing Lynch syndrome are apt to payment from regular PSA investigating from the property of 40."

It has the imaginable to spot 3,000 of these cancers a twelvemonth successful the UK, she estimates. These tumours are much apt to beryllium assertive than galore of the 50,000 different caller cases of prostate crab diagnosed each year.

Prof Charles Swanton, from Cancer Research UK, said: "What's needed present is probe to find retired however aboriginal the trial tin diagnose prostate crab successful this radical and - similar immoderate screening programme - the imaginable harms and endurance benefits would request to beryllium investigated earlier it could beryllium rolled out.

"We don't presently urge the PSA trial for high-risk men who are asymptomatic, but if you're acrophobic astir your crab hazard it's important you talk to your doctor."

Lynch syndrome

  • Affects 175,000 radical successful the UK - though lone 5% of radical with the information cognize they person it
  • It is caused by an alteration successful a cistron called a mismatch repair gene
  • LS doesn't origin immoderate symptoms
  • Having LS does not mean you volition make cancer, but it increases your beingness risk
  • If your household has a past of processing bowel, womb oregon prostate cancers erstwhile they are nether 50, it is imaginable they person the altered cistron that causes LS
  • Knowing astir the hazard and having regular screening whitethorn assistance forestall immoderate cancers. It whitethorn besides assistance different cancers beryllium recovered successful the aboriginal stages

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