Steve Bannon: Lawmakers vote to hold ex-Trump aide in contempt

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Image caption, Steve Bannon has not publically commented connected Tuesday's ballot successful the House Select Committee

A US House of Representatives committee investigating the 6 January Capitol riot has unanimously supported holding a onetime apical adjutant of ex-President Donald Trump successful contempt of Congress.

Steve Bannon was summoned to attest earlier the panel, but refused to bash so.

If the afloat enclosure approves the substance aboriginal this week, it would beryllium referred to justness department, which has the last accidental connected bringing charges.

If convicted, Mr Bannon could look a good and up to 1 twelvemonth successful prison.

Mr Bannon - a erstwhile right-wing media enforcement who became Mr Trump's main strategist - has not publically commented connected Tuesday's ballot successful the nine-member House prime committee.

All 2 Republicans and 7 Democrats connected the sheet backed holding him successful contempt.

In her opening remarks, congresswoman Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican and vice-chair of the committee, said Mr Bannon had had "substantial beforehand cognition of the plans" for the protestation connected 6 January and of Mr Trump's plans to discredit the statesmanlike predetermination result.

Mr Bannon, 67, was fired from the White House successful 2017, and was not successful authorities astatine the clip of the riot.

Mr Trump has urged erstwhile aides to cull the House committee's requests, claiming the close to withhold accusation due to the fact that of enforcement privilege - a ineligible rule that protects galore White House communications.

He filed a suit connected Monday seeking to artifact the House enquiry from obtaining records from the US National Archives.

President Joe Biden's medication says Mr Trump has nary morganatic privilege claim.

During a mostly peaceful protest, Mr Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol gathering to disrupt certification of Mr Biden's predetermination triumph implicit Mr Trump.

Hundreds of supporters of the erstwhile president person since been arrested.

Subpoena documents quoted Mr Bannon arsenic saying connected his vigor amusement connected the eve of the riot "all hellhole is going to interruption escaped tomorrow".

Mr Bannon has repeatedly said helium has nary plans to look earlier the committee.

Democrats reason that Mr Bannon is stalling to propulsion backmost proceedings until aft the midterm elections successful November 2022, which whitethorn change the equilibrium of powerfulness successful the House, which is the little enclosure of Congress.

Contempt of Congress cases are notoriously hard to litigate - the past clip specified a prosecution took spot was successful 1983 against a Reagan medication official.

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