Sania Mirza flaunts her hair in new Instagram post

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Tennis prima  Sania Mirza. — Instagram/FileTennis prima Sania Mirza. — Instagram/File

Tennis prima Sania Mirza, the woman of erstwhile Pakistan cricket skipper and all-rounder Shoaib Malik, flaunted her hairsbreadth successful a caller Instagram post.

“That’s excessively overmuch hair, said nary 1 ever” she captioned the picture.

The tennis prima posed for a representation dressed successful an off-white formal with hairsbreadth connected point. She accessorised her look with a ringing that accentuated her perfectly done French manicure and completed her getup with a brace of black-and-gold driblet earrings. Not lone fans but chap celebrities were besides near awestruck by her consciousness of benignant and elegance. 

The snapshot became an instant hit, garnering much than 105,000 similar and adjacent to 540 comments.

Some days earlier, Mirza besides shared connected her Instagram that she is readying to "disappear" from societal media connected the time Pakistan faces India successful the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

Sharing a reel connected her Instagram account, the prima subordinate wrote: “Me disappearing from societal media and toxicity connected India vs Pakistan lucifer day.”

“Bye Bye,” Mirza captioned the reel.

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