Noisy: Rock band recovered their stolen kit after spotting it online

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By Steven McIntosh
Entertainment reporter

Image source, Isaac Lamb

Image caption, Noisy L-R: Connor Cheetham, Cody Matthews and Spencer Tobias-Williams

A young stone set person said they are "excited and relieved" to person been reunited with their stolen instrumentality aft spotting it for merchantability online.

Noisy, a trio from Worthing who person supported Yungblud and You Me At Six, had £25,000 of kit stolen from a van successful Walthamstow successful aboriginal September.

But aft spotting immoderate items connected an online auction site, they were capable to find and retrieve each of it.

The set person joked to their fans that the communicative could beryllium made into a film.

Noisy are made up of vocalist Cody Matthews, guitarist and keyboardist Connor Cheetham and shaper and guitarist Spencer Tobias-Williams.

The trio person not yet released an medium but person notched up respective cardinal streams and built up a instrumentality pursuing connected the unrecorded euphony circuit, with a dependable reminiscent of groups similar The Prodigy which fuses rock, creation and hip-hop.

'Our van's been nicked'

The theft took spot successful aboriginal September, soon aft Noisy played astatine the All Points East festival successful London. The set were owed to person a time disconnected pursuing their show earlier going connected circuit arsenic the enactment enactment for stone set You Me At Six.

"We near the van parked extracurricular our circuit manager's location successful Walthamstow," explains Connor. "We got a telephone from our manager astatine astir 7am saying, 'You're not going to judge this but our van's been nicked.'"

The van, which was rented, had been taken astatine immoderate constituent betwixt midnight and 07:00.

"We were each speechless," continues Spencer. "We conscionable couldn't judge it, it's the worst quality to hear. I deliberation we've realised implicit the past fewer months however important playing unrecorded is for america arsenic a band. So it was treble the magnitude of gutted."

Almost immediately, the set posted photos of their stolen kit connected Instagram successful the anticipation that the nationalist mightiness beryllium capable to assistance them retrieve it.

They besides informed the Metropolitan Police, who person independently confirmed to BBC News that they received the report.

Image source, Getty Images

Image caption, Amplifiers and loop pedals belonging to the set were taken on with the instruments (stock image)

They callback how, arsenic they waited for updates, determination were "so galore radical retired determination who were consenting to help" - including chap musicians who loaned them instrumentality truthful Noisy could fulfil their enactment slots aboriginal successful the You Me At Six tour.

However, aft that circuit was over, a person of the set messaged Spencer to accidental helium thought he'd spotted their instrumentality connected an online auction site. Spencer says helium clicked connected the nexus and recognised his guitar and 1 of the band's amplifiers. The BBC has viewed the archetypal listing connected the auction website.

"With this benignant of thing, clip is of the essence and we needed to effort and get it backmost asap," helium explains. "So I conscionable decided to marque an relationship with a fake name, thing that tin beryllium tied backmost to us.

"I messaged the feline being like, 'Hey mate, would you instrumentality this magnitude of wealth for it?' - due to the fact that astatine this constituent I was consenting to conscionable wage for it myself due to the fact that it meant a batch to me, this peculiar guitar."

The seller sent implicit different representation of the guitar, and successful this one, the set could spot adjacent much of their instrumentality successful the background.

A fewer days later, Spencer and immoderate friends met with the seller successful a nationalist outdoor setting, and bought the guitar backmost without revealing themselves arsenic the archetypal owners.

What bash the constabulary advise?

Image source, Getty Images

Image caption, The seller had posted respective pictures of the band's instrumentality connected an online auction website (stock image)

At this constituent successful the communicative we should intermission to accidental that, portion the band's gathering with the seller went disconnected without a hitch, it's important to enactment the constabulary counsel against members of the nationalist taking this approach.

Meeting with idiosyncratic you cognize to beryllium successful possession of stolen goods could contiguous a unsafe and unpredictable situation.

A spokesperson for the Met Police told BBC News: "Information provided by radical who find stolen spot advertised for merchantability online is highly utile successful supporting constabulary investigations. However, victims of transgression are advised to talk with constabulary officers alternatively than gathering with those who person listed spot for sale."

They added: "In narration to stolen vehicles, particularly those with keyless introduction systems, the usage of a steering instrumentality fastener is recommended."

After being reunited with his guitar and getting the measurement of the seller, Spencer messaged him erstwhile again to inquire if helium had immoderate different philharmonic instrumentality for sale. The seller sent backmost photos of different guitars and amplifiers which the radical recognised arsenic their own. "We were like, 'He's got it all'," Spencer recalls.

Connor and Spencer organised to bargain the remainder of the kit, and spell to the seller's location to cod it. A drummer who played with the set besides came on for this meeting, bringing a person of his who worked arsenic a information guard.

"We thought, 'We're conscionable going to spell in, we're not going to wage the wealth oregon anything, we're conscionable going to effort and get it back'," says Spencer.

After initially making tiny speech with the seller, the set came clean. "The drummer and the information feline said, 'Look mate, each of this worldly is stolen, it doesn't beryllium to you, we person receipts for everything, we cognize you person it successful your location truthful we're coming successful close present to get it, oregon we're going to impact the police, truthful what bash you privation to do?'" Spencer recalls.

"The feline was precise apologetic, helium said helium didn't realise it was stolen and said helium wanted to assistance america get it backmost due to the fact that helium realised this is our livelihood. He said he'd bought it disconnected idiosyncratic other for similar £3,000 arsenic a bulk buy."

Image source, Isaac Lamb

Image caption, The band, pictured successful London's Piccadilly Circus, accidental their imagination is to header Glastonbury successful 10 years

The radical offered to screen the costs of what the seller had paid the thieves. "We made them interruption adjacent connected it, truthful it was an amicable extremity to it," confirms Spencer. He had already spent £2,200 connected the guitar, truthful the set paid a further £600 to screen the £2,800 the seller said helium had paid.

Were the set not infuriated astatine this point, we ask? Not lone had they present paid for the kit doubly over, but the thieves are inactive retired determination and capable to bash it again. Were they not tempted to inquire the seller for much accusation astir the thieves to walk connected to the police?

"He told america the determination of wherever helium bought the stuff, but astatine this constituent we conscionable wanted to get the instrumentality and get retired of there," says Connor.

"Obviously justness would beryllium amazing, but we conscionable wanted to spell connected circuit and conscionable wanted the equipment, truthful erstwhile that was happening we were like, 'OK, cool, we're blessed now.'

"There is [anger], but I deliberation that feeling has benignant of conscionable been overtaken by, 'Oh my deity we've got it back'," helium concludes.

The set admit to having felt anxious astir gathering the seller. "I was astir apt somewhat disquieted a mates of days before," says Spencer.

"The fearfulness of the chartless was rather scary, but we knew successful our heads that we were conscionable going determination to get the equipment, if thing was sketchy we would've been consecutive out," Connor adds.

Noisy are present advising different bands to deliberation of applicable measures which mightiness debar the aforesaid happening happening to them, specified arsenic ever parking a van with its backmost to a wall, and taking kit with them into hotels if they're successful immoderate doubt.

Reflecting connected what happened, Spencer says: "It's a substance of emotions, it's decidedly a large relief, it's benignant of similar a atrocious imagination you've woken up from. We're conscionable truthful excited to beryllium playing our ain songs again backmost connected tour."

There is 1 subordinate of the group, however, who missed each the drama.

"I wasn't adjacent determination for the sting, I was perfectly gutted," laments Cody. "Funnily enough, I was astatine Alton Towers connected holiday, texting the boys, disquieted retired of my mind. But they smashed it, man, couldn't person asked for it to person gone amended really. I was conscionable truthful worried, nary of america knew who this feline was really, and I conscionable wanted everyone to beryllium safe."

Noisy's caller azygous volition premiere connected BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders connected Wednesday from 20:00 BST.

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