Matthew McConaughey will not run for Texas governor

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(CNN)Actor Matthew McConaughey announced Sunday successful a video connection connected Twitter that a aboriginal successful governmental enactment is not successful the cards -- close now.

After acknowledging that helium had taken clip exploring authorities and considered a tally for the politician of Texas, McConaughey said he's decided to absorption his efforts successful the backstage sector.

"As a elemental kid calved successful the small municipality of Uvalde, Texas, it ne'er occurred to maine that I would 1 time beryllium considered for governmental leadership. It is simply a humbling and inspiring way to ponder. It is besides a way that I'm choosing not to instrumentality astatine this moment," helium said.

    He besides noted that helium has been studying Texas authorities and American politics.

      "What person I learned? A lot. That we person immoderate problems we request to fix. That our authorities needs caller purpose. That we person divides that request healing," helium said.

        McConaughey besides said that helium is going to proceed to enactment entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that helium "believes are leaders."

          "Establishments that I judge are creating pathways for radical to win successful life. Organizations that person a ngo to service and physique spot portion besides generating prosperity -- that's the American dream," McConaughey said. "Politicians, the bully ones, tin assistance america get to wherever we request to spell ... but let's beryllium clear, they can't bash thing for america unless we take to bash for ourselves."

            Republican Gov. Greg Abbott will tally for a 3rd word successful Texas. Beto O'Rourke, the erstwhile Texas congressman who ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate successful 2018 and the Democratic statesmanlike information successful 2020, launched his campaign earlier this month.

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