India or Pakistan? Sania Mirza finally picks a side

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Pakistani all-rounder Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis prima  Sania Mirza. — Twitter/FilePakistani all-rounder Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis prima Sania Mirza. — Twitter/File

Indian tennis subordinate Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik ever find a mode to enactment successful the headlines.

This clip the mates were seen engaging successful cute banter implicit which broadside Sania Mirza supports — India oregon Pakistan.

While signaling a amusement for a backstage tv channel, big Ahsan Khan asked Sania what the worst question immoderate writer oregon immoderate big tin inquire her is.

The prima subordinate replied: “One question that I americium asked each the time, which is simply a precise atrocious and stale question and I don’t privation to beryllium asked again is whom bash I enactment erstwhile India is playing Pakistan?”

While the big laughed, she added: “Please guys get implicit it I don’t privation to reply this, it’s precise stale.”

But seems similar her hubby wasn’t acceptable to spare the celebrity. Joining the bandwagon, Malik questioned Sania: “One second, this is not implicit yet. Who bash you enactment erstwhile India and Pakistan play?”

Sania was speedy to question her hubby back, asking him who helium ever sided during India versus Pakistan tennis matches.

Malik, who was earlier enjoying the banter, was caught disconnected guard. Nonetheless, playing safe, the all-rounder said: “Of people I enactment my wife.”

Realising the connotation of his remark, helium rapidly added: “But I emotion my country.”

While Sania laughed she turned towards the camera and said: “Same answer! Don’t inquire maine this question again.”

Malik, not letting spell of the opportunity, told her helium volition proceed to inquire her this question.

The prima mates is presently successful Karachi.

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