Homes in Wales still without power after Storm Arwen

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Fallen trees and debris similar this successful Wrexham person affected powerfulness and roads and obstruction services since Saturday,

Thousands of radical successful Wales are inactive without energy aft Storm Arwen.

SP Energy Networks, which supplies northbound Wales and parts of Powys, Ceredigion, and crossed the English borderline successful northbound Shropshire, said 11,000 customers stay off.

Worst affected is on the Dee Valley, wherever immoderate radical person been without energy for 30 hours.

Transport for Wales is moving a "limited bid service" with lines reopened pursuing tempest disruption.

Western Power Distribution, which serves south, westbound and mid Wales, said 1,104 customers remained without power.

Many of the worst affected areas for energy are successful parts of agrarian Carmarthenshire and adjacent the Ceredigion coast.

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One pistillate had a fortunate escape, narrowly avoiding a falling tree

In Llandovery, astir 100 customers who person been without powerfulness since aboriginal connected Saturday greeting person been told that repairs whitethorn beryllium completed by 18:00 connected Sunday.

Dozens of homes and businesses are inactive without powerfulness successful Aberporth, Ceredigion, wherever upwind gusts of 81mph (130km/h) were recorded successful the aboriginal hours of Saturday.

Transport for Wales suspended the bulk of its obstruction services connected Saturday, and large roads were besides blocked owed to fallen trees and debris.

SP Energy said engineers had been struck by the grade of the harm caused by the beardown winds with full rows of poles needing to beryllium replaced.

It said crews resumed enactment astatine 06:00 with engineers moving until 23:30 connected Saturday.

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